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"Renowned for catering to diverse educational levels, our institution offers expert guidance. Whether you seek aid in thesis composition, intricate statistical problem-solving using SSPS, or preparation for PPSC exams, our platform delivers comprehensive support."

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This academy is a one-of-a-kind academy where every class, i.e., first, to PhD. and competitive exam students can take guidance. Need help in thesis writing or SSPS problem or PPSC exams our website will help you in every discipline.


Muhammad Ishaq Nagi (late)

This website was founded by Muhammad Ishaq Nagi Sahib fifteen years ago, which benefited few students at that time .After his demise, his daughter continued the work and reshaped the website according to the requirements of new students needing help in various disciplines. Let’s join our website to learn and teach! This website is one- of- a- kind that aims to guide students from grade 1 to PhD. Whether you need help in thesis writing, spss problem or ppsc exams, our website will assist you in every discipline.


Maryam Ishaq Nagi

Today, I am proud to say that JugnuOnline Academy stands as a unique and comprehensive platform, guiding students from their early academic years all the way to the pursuit of their PhD dreams. Whether you're seeking guidance in thesis writing, tackling SPSS problems, or preparing for competitive exams like PPSC, our website is here to be your companion every step of the way.

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Our vision is to be the guiding light of education, offering unwavering support to learners on their journey from first grade to PhD. We aspire to break down barriers, providing assistance in various disciplines, be it thesis writing, SPSS problems, or competitive exams. With inclusivity and innovation, we aim to empower minds and shape a limitless future of learning.

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"JugnuOnline Academy has been a game-changer for me. The resources and guidance provided here are unparalleled. From struggling with my thesis to acing my exams, this platform has been my constant companion. Kudos to Maryam and the team for creating such a valuable learning space"
Ayesha Hanif
"Being a part of JugnuOnline Academy has been an enlightening experience. The variety of subjects covered and the depth of knowledge shared have truly helped me grasp even the most complex concepts. I'm thankful to have access to this incredible platform"
Iram Usman
“As a working professional aiming to advance my career, JugnuOnline Academy has been a blessing. The flexibility to learn at my own pace and the expert guidance available have made all the difference. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking quality education”
Kamran Ashraf
"I've always been passionate about physics, and JugnuOnline Academy took my passion to a whole new level. The interactive lessons and practical examples made learning physics a joy. This platform has ignited my curiosity and expanded my horizons"
M. Imran